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Woori Story Vietnam Rice Noodle Cup Ramen Beef Flavor 120g + Chicken Flavor 120g

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product name Bipon Chicken Rice Noodles (Contains 39.5% Rice, 22% Chicken, 0.2% Chicken Flavor) + Bipon Beef Rice Noodles (Contains 39.5% Rice, 20.5% Beef, 0.1% Synthetic Flavoring (Beef Flavor)) Type of food Content reference
Producer and location Content reference Date of manufacture, expiration date, or quality maintenance period Expiration date: Products on or after March 07, 2024<br /> Date of manufacture: Products manufactured on or after March 09, 2022
Capacity (weight), quantity of contents by packaging unit Beef flavor 120g*6ea + Chicken flavor 120g*6ea, 1ea Raw material name and content Content reference
nutrient Content reference Indication of cases corresponding to genetically modified food Beef Rice Noodles: Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (Possible to contain genetically modified soybeans) / Chicken Rice Noodles: N/A
Precautions for consumer safety Content reference imported food stationery Import declaration required in accordance with the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management
Consumer counseling phone number Coupang Customer Center 1577-7011
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