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Baekje Pagomtangmyeon Rice Noodles

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Type of food dry noodles Producer and location Agricultural Corporation Baekje / 209-7, Oseo-gil, Gwangcheon-eup, Hongseong-gun, Chungnam
Date of manufacture, expiry date, or quality maintenance period *Manufacturing date: This product is manufactured all the time, so it is difficult to know the exact date of manufacture *Written separately on the front of the product Capacity (weight), quantity of contents by packaging unit 93.5gx 30 pieces
Raw material name and content Noodles: Rice flour (rice: foreign), wheat flour (wheat: Australian, American), wheat starch (Australian), Mixed Agent 1 (modified starch, dextrin), tapioca starch (tapioca starch, dextrin), refined salt (domestic), Mixed agent 2 (D-sorbitol solution, soybean oil, lecithin, glycerin fatty acid ester) Soup: Gomtang broth powder [refined salt (domestic production), Procream K {refined common fat (foreign/Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines)}, L- Sodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), palm oil seasoning powder, beef bone powder], dried green onion (made in China), beef bone extract powder [beef bone extract {beefsup stock/New Zealand}], sugar, beef powder-T, glucose, beef bone seasoning powder, Black Pepper Powder, 5′ Ribonucleotide Disodium, Zidane Flake G, Roasted Seaweed Flake, Onion Flavor TK nutrient ※ Nutritional component: Total content 93.5g / The ratio (%) to the daily nutritional component standard is based on 2,000kcal, so it may vary depending on the individual’s caloric needs. Calorie 335kcal, sodium 1600mg (80%), carbohydrate 75g (23%), sugar 3g (3%), fat 0g (0%), trans fat 0g, saturated fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 0mg (0%), 7 g (13%) protein
Indication of cases corresponding to genetically modified food Not applicable imported food stationery Not applicable
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